Africa is a huge, diverse, fascinating continent. Hundreds of languages and cultures; scores of countries, many different habitats and thousands of species of wildlife.

Most of this website is dedicated to the main places we think are the best to visit, however it’s a shame to restrict people’s ideas, so here’s some more brief ideas. Please contact us for more details.

Ethiopia: Unique ancient Christian culture of 1000 year old subterranean churches and early castles. Also the chance of some unique wildlife (the Simien wolf and Gelada baboon) and the pastoralist tribes of the Omo Valley are the main highlights. If this is your area of interest then it could be worth a visit but it’s not always an easy place to travel in. It can be linked with a trip to Tanzania or Kenya.

Namibia: Ethosha National Park has good wildlife viewing focused round the waterholes. The Skeleton coast is a rugged, remote coastline and the Namib desert has a stark beauty. Could be worth a look if you have time to include it in a longer Southern African safari.

Mozambique: The beach coastline and diving around the Quirimbas archipelago are excellent and could be combined with a safari in Tanzania or even Botswana (although the journey requires a night in South Africa between legs).

Madagasgar: A diverse and fascinating country from a wildlife and cultural perspective. The infra-structure is limited (except for a few self-contained resorts) so travelers need to be prepared for a very adventurous, possibly unpredictable time.

Malawi: A pleasant, cheap and relaxed country on Lake Malawi. Great for passing through on a long overlander trip.

Lesotho: Worth passing through if you are driving nearby, this small mountainous kingdom has some interesting geology and horse-based traditional highland culture with picturesque mountains.

Elsewhere In Africa: There are many other countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe but most of them aren’t being recommended by us at the moment. Sometimes due to instability in the area and sometimes because there’s just not too much to see or the same thing is done better somewhere else. However please feel free to contact us for advice as we have traveled and lived in many parts of the continent over the last 45 years.

Please contact us for further information regarding these destinations.

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