South Africa

South Africa has implemented new rules about visiting the country with children.

Seen by some as a negative move, it is designed to make the illegal trafficking of children more difficult- which can only be a good thing.

As well as a passport and visa, parents need to carry the “full version” of the child’s birth certificate in English ( or a legally approved translation).

What makes it more tricky is for single parents ( or those traveling as a single parent) is that they need a recent, legally approved agreement from the other parent or a death certificate, a court order giving full parental responsibility to the traveling parent.

Under 18’s traveling on their own or with other adults need similar legal agreements as well as details on where they will be staying once in South Africa.

South Africa has taken a bold move against illegal child traffiking and should be applauded for doing so but lets hope that the legislation can be streamlined so that the tourism economy doesn’t suffer too much.

This is a complicated and changing situation so for people traveling to South Africa with us- we will give you some advice but you will also need to consult the South African embassy and your international flight provider.

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