Uranium Mining Threat in Tanzania’s Selous Reserve

Tanzania’s conservation

As globalisation and demand for resources increases, so countries and multi-national companies are drawn more tightly together in their trade.

Uranium mining in the fringes of the Selous Game Reserve has conservationists worried.

The Selous- in southern Tanzania- at 19,300 square miles is the largest reserve in Africa and a last bastion of many endangered flagship species. Having just heard that the only known location of black rhino in the Selous at the moment is right near the mine, it is extremely worrying.

It is unfeasible to expect a poor nation not to utilise its natural resources ( the estimated value of Selous uranium is 2.2 billion US$) and arguments that the $3 million expected annual revenue can help fund conservation efforts in the reserve are hard to refute. However the money needs to be properly accounted for and the environmental assessment needs to be carried out accurately and then adhered to. Unfortunately the controls and checks to make sure it is a positive venture are just not in place at the moment.

To achieve this, partner companies need to work closely with their host countries in a transparent business setting before the amount of dollars to be made takes over the argument and becomes the only voice at the table. Additionally the only other voice cant be the voice of conservationists saying that it should never happen – as this is unrealistic

On the global scale again, renewable energy sources like Uranium are more ecologically friendly than fossil fuels so the solution cant be to just ignore the renewable resources available in wilderness areas.

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