Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda is a small compact country slap bang in the middle of Africa, one of the last to get real contact with the outside world, surrounded by other remote tribal regions. Its surprising that it is as developed and forward thinking as it is. Moving on from the genocide of twenty years ago- it hasn’t swept it under the carpet. The Museum is a sensitive reminder of what happened and there is a renewed sense of hope and rebuilding. One Saturday a month is given over to memorial and people help clean up their city. The result is a clean city!

Less tangible effects of this positivity is that the tourism business runs relatively smoothly, the mountain gorillas are kept fairly well protected and foreign investment is returning.

Not only financial investment but investment of time and in people. An example of this is The Tour de Rwanda bike race which is fast becoming one of the most prominent in Africa, (the event attracts riders and sponsors from all over Africa, Europe and the U.S; and the Tour de Rwanda book can be found in most UK high streets now). It also produces Rwandan athletes who then grace the European circuit and act as inspiration to cyclist in neighbouring countries.

A trip to Rwanda often consists of a few days in the rain forest to see the gorillas and a couple of days to see some cultural events. As such it works best as an extension to a Tanzanian or even a Kenya safari.

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