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Tanzania, famous for its amazingly diverse wildlife, has just as much right to be proud of its human cultural heritage. As the infrastructure of the country develops so the scope increases for interacting with people from different tribes in an authentic, mutually beneficial manner.

The intriguing blend of Arabic and African cultures that has become the melting pot of Zanzibar is world famous; however there are many secrets to be discovered inland.

Virtually the last remaining “click people” of Equatorial Africa – the Hadzabe have their stronghold in Tanzania. The simple hunter gatherer way of life, with almost no fixed homes or possessions pre-dates the nomadic Maasai way of life by several millennia. In some ways it could be described as coming out of the stone age. To join in for a day or two hunting, searching for edible roots, making fire or using simple tools is a fascinating education. You may be lucky enough to share a freshly caught - straight on the fire - four legged feast.

Kondoa Rock Art TanzaniaOther inland tribes that are realising the benefit of sharing their cultures with outsiders are the Iraqwi and Barabaig tribes of the Great Rift Valley. Originally renowned for their ferocity in war fare and ritual, they have plenty of amazing stories to tell.

Also fascinating is the prehistoric rock art at Kondoa which is starting to attract the attention of international archaeologists.

All of this can be woven into the itinerary of a wildlife safari.

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