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The rains have held everyone in suspense once again but have started to fall now.  Elephants that looked like bags of bones have started to fill out, hydro- electricitiy is less rationed as the dams fill up and crops just planted are reaching the level of the aforementioned elephants eye ( whether he should be in the crop at all and what to do about it is another story- next newsleteter maybe).

The wildlebeest at last have direction (or at least a pattern to their directionless milling around) and the migration cycle has something to drive it, fresh grass up ahead.  The paradox of the East African landscape is that the prevailing wind hasnt changed since the volcanoes erupted. This means the fertile ash plains are in the same position as the rain shadows thus the need for migration between less fertile rainy areas and more fertile but potentiall drier areas.  Has this paradox shaped mankinds's wanderlust as he followed the herds across the plains?  Which reminds me the famous Laetoli footprints - fossilised mudprints of early hominds going for a stroll are now open to see again - a rare opportunuity that hasnt been allowed for many years.



The Infinite Horizon is supporting Sea Sense as its flagship charity.  The marine life often gets ignored in Tanzania- overshadowed as it is by its terrestrial cousins.  The dugong - once numerous on the Tanzanian coast - is virtually extinct and surveys will soon reveal whether population numbers are still viable.  We hope to help in a survey of our kayaking region in the north and it would be a dream cone true to see these magnificent creatures still in their ( and my) home waters.

Planning Ahead

Teena has been getting out there more this green season, exploring the Serengeti by foot, something very few have been allowed to do since the gazetting of the park some 50 years ago. Three days saw her sneaking up on unsuspecting eland, helping the anti- poaching department and almost squashing a puff adder.  To join her on this new activity then contaqct us now for the best 2012 rates.

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