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Kenya is where the enduring image of the wildlife safari was born, created by European aristocrats accustomed to high living coming to view the wonders of the newly explored continent in style and luxury.

As one of the most developed East African countries Kenya can still offer something of this and to go to the old settlers ranches in the central Kenyan highlands is an insight into a previous century and an old colonial world, but it is also more than just that.

Many of the large private ranches are now dedicated to conservation and help preserve a large part of Kenya’s wild places and wild animals.

They also provide a high quality safari experience!

Then there’s the Masai Mara – it has a reputation as being overcrowded and some parts deserve this reputation but the northern part has a similar exclusive feel to the private ranches and can offer some of the best wildlife viewing anywhere.

There isn’t the diversity of Tanzania so some people choose to combine a short visit to Kenya with a fuller safari in Tanzania.

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This is a sample, mid-range itinerary to give you an idea of what’s on offer, however all our itineraries are tailor-made to best suit the time of year you want to travel, your interests, timeframe and budget.

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This safari was created to include the best wildlife areas – the Masai Mara and the central highlands – which also offer high quality accommodation and a range of activities

A pleasant reliable hotel well located for your onward journey – often described as “That Rare Bird in Africa” for having all the things you want but not too much you don’t. Perfect to relax at after a long flight

As you land on the grassy airstrip the pilot will often buzz the runway to clear it of wildlife. After landing you will be met by your guide for the next few days and taken in your open-topped safari vehicle to Little Governors Camp. This is situated in the more remote northern part of the Mara where the wildlife viewing is often spectacular- especially if the wildebeest migration is passing through

This is an excellent area to see cheetah, a species that is often hard to spot elsewhere

Again you will take a light aircraft and head towards Mount Kenya which you should see jutting into the sky on your right. Land at Nanyuki Airstrip. You will be met and driven 1 hour to Laikipia Plateau. This huge area on the slopes of the mountain has many protected and rare species not found elsewhere (Reticulated Giraffe, Grevys Zebra , Northern White Rhino – only a handful left and most of them here!). Stay at Sabuk Lodge

Game drive and walk with Maasai

Maybe take a camel ride through the bush, game drive a different habitat or visit a Maasai village

You will be taken to the airstrip and flown back to Nairobi for your onwards plans

Other things you may want to consider are…Samburu National Park with its drier landscape and picturesque Samburu tribe or a visit to the coast

The destinations and itineraries on our website can all be tailored to suit your needs. We’d be happy to help you with any questions, please simply click on the contact us button below.

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