As a company privileged enough to be working in Africa and as individuals lucky enough to be living in Africa we are constantly reminded of the dilemmas that face the continent and daily try to do something positive to help. We know that many of you, our clients feel the same.

We are often torn between the environment and the people and whether to support large scale organizations or our own small initiatives.

As a result we do some of each and offer these choices to you, our clients.

Spending many years working here we have seen which large organisations are effective and have chosen these to recommend.


The School of St Jude ( is a charity school in Tanzania, East Africa – one of the least developed parts of the world. Started by Australian Gemma Sisia, it opened its gates to three students in 2002. Now the school delivers free, high-quality education to 1,800 of the most gifted yet impoverished students in northern Tanzania. It has expanded to 3 campuses and employs more than 280 staff.  Read More…

Helps to conserve the marine environment which often gets overlooked in Africa, dugong numbers have suffered terribly, turtles need a lot of help, fishing techniques need improving and the coastal habitats need protecting. Sea Sense is small enough to have an intimate knowledge of what really goes on but large enough to have an impact. We have done several fund raisers specifically for them (including our 6 year old son cycling halfway across the UK to raise money – he managed to save 1000 baby turtles). (http://www.seasense.org


An Orphanage in Karatu (Northern Tanzania). There are many orphanages throughout Tanzania – some are Dickensian at best either due to lack of expertise or financial mismanagement, but this one has stood the test of time, the directors show a long term commitment, standards are high and the track record is impressive. (


We sometimes come across families who impress us with their urge to get on and try hard, their commitment to each other and honesty to others. We hope that these might be the people to benefit most from a small input of money for their children’s education.

Many people can’t afford to take their children away from manual work, buy a uniform and some stationery and send them to school that really gives an education so a thousand dollars a year makes a huge difference to their aspirations.

We have just finished funding Neema Ruben for three years in secondary school – she came from a family with nothing but a sheet of polythene and a half built house they squatted in, we first met her when she came to ask for car brake fluid to use for skin medicine – that’s when we realized how desperate they were!

We have just started paying for 5 year old Brian Charles to go through Primary School – he will be the first educated person in his family – however his parents are so hard working and respected in the community for their honesty that they are able to provide a stable home for him despite having no money so we feel sure they will be able to support him throughout his school career.

We fund these ourselves but are always grateful for any assistance!

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