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Steve and Teena Chumbley have operated their family run business in Africa for over 15 years. They combine their extensive experience and knowledge of wildlife, culture and logistics to create extraordinary personalized itineraries that reflect a client’s style and sense of adventure.

Steve Chumbley BSC Hons Zoology, Dip. Ed.

Steve was born in England but, as a young boy, moved with his family to Malawi where his interest in wildlife and adventure was nurtured.  He returned to England graduating with honours in Zoology and a Diploma in Education.  Shortly after he joined VSO to a posting in Papua New Guinea where he helped set up a new school.   Steve continued to work in education in Tanzania, Kuwait and Nigeria. 

However, his love of the African wilderness and wildlife drew him back to Tanzania to begin living and sharing the dream with Teena.  Together, in Tanzania, they established the safari company “The Infinite Horizon”.

During this time Steve built several luxury mobile camps, he jointly managed renowned lodges and camps in Kenya and Tanzania including Rivertrees Country Inn and Greystoke Mahale.   Steve, a qualified 3 Star Sea Kayak Leader, also set up a range of Adventure Sea Kayaking tours.  He designed and built sea kayaks, explored and planned routes and coached clients while guiding trips.

Steve’s excellent logistical skills, local knowledge, fluent kiswahili and dhow sailing expertise were utilised by various companies including the History channel, where they employed him as Marine Coordinator in the television series – Expedition Africa: Stanley in &Livingstone.

Steve moved to Australia with his family where he and his young son enjoy cycling adventures on remote roads and bush tracks.

On request Steve is available to personally guide your trip.

Teena Chumbley BSC Biology, Dip. Ed. Science

Raised on a wheat and sheep property in remote Western Australia, Teena worked on the family farm before pursuing a successful career in education.

After teaching jobs in Australia, the Middle East and West Africa, she gave up a position as Principal in Nigeria to follow a shared dream with Steve.  Together, in Tanzania, they opened their safari company “The Infinite Horizon” and began to share their passion for Africa with others.

While Teena jointly managed camps and lodges with Steve in Kenya and Tanzania other interesting opportunities arose. This included collaborating with Frankfurt Zoological Society and Tanzania National Parks to develop a conservation protocol for viewing endangered Chimpanzee, working with a BBC production team on a television series “Taking the Flak”, setting up “off season training” for Kilimanjaro mountain guides and crew and most exciting trialling horseback riding safaris.

“Tanzania with its beauty and vibrancy has changed us in a way that we will be forever grateful”.

Teena returned with her family to Australia in 2016 where they continue to run The Infinite Horizon right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Mission & Vision

The diversity of the African landscape is derived from its geological activity and this has created extraordinary ecosystems filled with an astonishing variety of wildlife.    Kilimanjaro a dormant volcano is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free standing mountain.  Lake Tanganyika one of the arms of the African Rift is the 2nd deepest lake in the world and home to the Cichlid, much prized by aquarium enthusiasts.  Serengeti’s vast plain supports one of the world’s largest animal migrations in the world while the Okavango Delta’s lagoons and waterways is a protected haven for birds and wildlife.  This unique continent has inspired an array of film makers and photographers, including the likes of David Attenborough, all attracted to the extraordinary diversity of wildlife.

Culture, rich and vibrancy exists across the African continent from the easily recognisable Nomadic herders, the Maasai, in colourful tartan blankets to the Mursi, in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, whose women famously wear clay lip plates.  It is the beauty and vibrancy of these extraordinary countries that Teena and Steve have shared with clients for over 15 years.

Customer reviews

The tour was above our expectations, well organised, great sightseeing & the hospitality from yourselves was fantastic. Highly recommend to anybody considering a trip overseas as being one of our best
Gary & Tikki
Western Australia
All in all, I can't recommend the Infinite Horizon highly enough. We had a totally fabulous holiday and it's largely down to Steve and Teena - thank you!

Pickly Fello
We enjoyed a wonderful variety of excellent accommodation and sumptuous cuisine. All fabulous value for money.

Simon B Dimmitt
Western Australia
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