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About Us

Steve and Teena Chumbley have operated their family run business in Africa for over 15 years. They combine their extensive experience and knowledge of wildlife, culture and logistics to create extraordinary personalized itineraries that reflect a client’s style and sense of adventure.

The People - Steve and Teena will coordinate your Safari

Steve Chumbley, BSc Hons Zoology, Dip. Ed.

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Steve is a Zoology Graduate who was born in England but lived in Malawi as a young boy, which is where his interest in wildlife and exploring really started.

He worked in education for many years – helping to set up new schools in Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Nigeria. He has been working in the African safari business since 1992 before setting up his own safari company in 2005.

In this time he and Teena have jointly managed lodges and luxury camps in Kenya’s Masai Mara, Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, Arusha and the remote Mahale Mountains.

As well as this he has guided safari groups through East Africa, built several Luxury Mobile Camps and set up a full range of Adventure Sea Kayaking products and tours. This involved designing and building kayaks, exploring and planning routes; and coaching and leading trips.

Steve is fluent in Kiswahili.



Teena Chumbley BSc Biology, Dip Ed Science

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Raised on a wheat and sheep property in remote Western Australia, Teena worked on the family farm before pursuing a successful career in education.

After jobs in the Middle East and West Africa, she finally gave up a position as Vice Principal in Nigeria to follow a shared dream with Steve of establishing and operating a business in tourism in Tanzania. She has jointly managed properties with Steve in Kenya and Tanzania.

Raising a son in Africa and being involved in various opportunites such as Chimpanzee Conservation, a BBC production filmed in Tanzania and exploration of new safari routes ensures a vibrant and fullfilling lifestyle.

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